Wealthidian is a financial management agency, founded by Rochelle L. Robinson, providing a realistic approach to personal finance management and wealth building solutions.

Wealthidian specializes in wealth building for creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and those that desire to live comfortably on their own terms. We pride ourselves on thinking about wealth differently. Our clients want to create a financially secure, non-traditional lifestyle.

They’re often not trying to get super rich to buy a new Bugatti or mansion on the beach. Realistically, our clients want to become debt free, invest strategically, and live a comfortable lifestyle geographically independent and beyond cubicle nation.  We think differently to achieve more.

Wealthidian offers strategic guidance for people that may not have a  consistent monthly check coming in every month because they generate income from affiliate marketing or passive income.We work with small business owners, online retail owners, social media marketers, nomad graduates, real estate investors, tiny home lovers, and more. We specialize in helping people that think outside the box and want to generate wealth beyond retiring from a company after 30 years of employment. We offer the expert knowledge specifically designed for your unique financial situation and overall goals with zero conflict of interest

Our blog offers content to help guide you through the tough financial challenges in life. Whether you’re trying to minimize your debt, build your savings, launch a side business, or generate long-term wealth – Wealthidian is here to help you.