Tax Consulting

Wealthidian tax specialists provide tax planning, tax preparation, and tax issue resolutions for businesses and individuals. Our tax specialists have a comprehensive understanding of federal and state tax regulations.

We work with you to ensure tax reporting obligations are met in an accurate and timely manner and that you receive the maximum credits and deductions that you deserve.

Tax Preparation

Wealthidian recognizes that tax returns can be confusing – resulting in overlooked deductions and missed credits. Our IRS Enrolled Agents review your tax returns to identify potential problems with the IRS. We recommend potential tax saving deductions for next year like adjusting your payroll withholding.

If you’re a small business that has struggled with your bookkeeping this year, contact us. We will help you get back on track to prepare a full Schedule C.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is essential to legally minimizing your tax liability. Our tax planning strategies help you maximize your after-tax income. Wealthidian works with you to reduce taxes on your income, investments, and retirement savings and distributions. We work with you to legally shift income and expense, defer tax liabilities with certain investment plans, and identify tax deductions by properly structuring money.

Tax Problem Resolution

Receiving an IRS Audit notice can cause a great amount of fear and anxiety. Audits can be stressful as you gather records and paperwork to substantiate items reported on your tax return. During an audit the IRS is extremely thorough as they are masters of extracting information. We talk to the IRS on your behalf to ensure that you don’t get overwhelmed, lose sleep, or miss work. Our fee to represent you is minimal in comparison to the substantial bill your could be facing for tax deficiency.

Wealthidian works to resolve tax issues including creating a payment plan for outstanding back taxes that include additional interest and penalties. We offer a comprehensive approach to working with the IRS, drafting notifications, and getting your life back on track. We work with clients to file back taxes, deal with tax liens, and implement improved accounting and payroll tax solutions to avoid the situation from occurring again.